Nozzle Kits for MistAway Mosquito System

Designed for the new installation of a misting system, these MistAway DIY Nozzle kits include not only Nozzles, but Tees, Tubing, Clamps, and Tools typically needed for an installation of a MistAway mosquito misting system.

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These DIY installation Kits come in 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 nozzle quantity kits with appropriate quantity of the complimentary parts. Separately, 5-Pack nozzle add-on kits are also available.

What you get...

20 nozzle kits:
300 feet of tubing, 20 nozzles, 22 Tees, 2 Plugs

30 nozzle kits:
400 feet of tubing, 30 nozzles, 33 Tees, 3 Plugs

40 nozzle kits:
500 feet of tubing, 40 nozzles, 43 Tees, 4 Plugs

50 nozzle kits:
600 feet of tubing, 50 nozzles, 55 Tees, 5 Plugs

60 nozzle kits:
700 feet of tubing, 60 nozzles, 66 Tees, 6 Plugs

All kits include:
a tubing cutter (biggest two kits receive a second tube cutter)
a tubing release tool to remove tubing from fittings 
100 Dynaclamps so you can attach tubing to a wood fence, trees, building or similar (biggest two kits receive 200)

Buying one of these MistAway DIY Nozzle Installation Kits is the easiest way to get started.

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