5-Pack of Angled Nozzles Kit

MistAway Nozzle 5-Pack includes the angled nozzles, tees, tubing, and Dynaclamps to install 5 nozzles and includes free shipping.  All are MistAway authentic parts, not cheap knock-offs.

This kit has the items you need for adding up to 5 nozzles.  If you require more -- simply by more of these 5 nozzle kits.

What's Included:
5-   Authentic MistAway Slimline Angle Nozzles
5-   Authentic MistAway Tees
15- Dynaclamps to tack down the tubing
60- Feet of 1/4" Tubing (10' per nozzle plus 10' extra)
Free Shipping via FedEx Ground

Single items available on request.

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