MistAway Gen III+ Misting Unit With iMist2

The industry leader in effectiveness, low maintenance, and rock solid dependability is the MistAway Gen 3 (Gen III+) Mosquito Misting System. It is the mosquito killing system of choice for those with extreme mosquito infestations -- and those in harm's way -- the areas most heavily infected by West Nile Virus or Zika Virus.  The MistAway Gen 3 is the industry's most effective, consistent, and easy to use mosquito control. You can't get any better protection anywhere for any price. This system just works.  Now you can monitor and control your Gen 3 with your smartphone...

To set up a MistAway system on your property:

  1. Add this Gen III+ to your cart (above)
  2. Add a Nozzle or Riser kit
  3. Choose a Concentrate

More information about how it works -- click here

It will all SHIP FREE same/next business day! You'll have everything you need to be up and running by the weekend. 


This system as all the leading features others try to copy. Here are a few... 

  • Monitor and Control your MistAway system via your smartphone, either iPhone OR Android.  Or simply use the included hand-held remote control. 
  • The MistAway "Gen 3 Plus" (Gen III+) Mosquito Misting System will shut itself down if there is a break in your nozzle circuit because it comes standards with leak protection.  This feature can save you clean-up hassles and money by avoiding waste.
  • If the mosquito season is particularly weak, easily adjust the concentrate's dilution ratio and you can do it anytime.  No need to wait.  This feature allows you to back off or increase dilution depending on the current mosquito season and mosquito pressure saving you money. 
  • It is easy to set a different misting duration for each scheduled mist.  For instance you may wish to mist a bit longer in the evening, maybe an extra 5 or 10 seconds. 
  • With up to 24 daily mist cycles you'll never run out of opportunities to mist. Normally only two or three (2-3) mistings are used.  Hint: the bugs won't survive.
  • Inspection mode can be run which doesn't use concentrate so you can test or check your system without wasting concentrate and that saves you money! 
  • The remote control lets you trigger the system any time, even if the system is set to run automatically. Included is the new "advanced" remote by MistAway, the one with much longer range and with user feedback signal so you know the system received your command.
  • The metal case has an integral lock to keep out children and the curious.
  • The powder coated metal case is designed for outdoor weather thus letting you place the unit anywhere along your nozzle circuit.
  • We even include the Internet Gateway so you can control the system from anywhere using your smartphone!  It plugs into your existing Internet service.

    Every system ships with the following "Finish Kit"

    • 15' electrical cord with standard household plug
    • 25 feet of 3/8" water supply tubing
    • Outdoor water connection to 3/8" water supply tubing adapter
    • 2 Keys for lockable case
    • 1 New Long-Range Advanced Remote Control
    • 1 Reusable Smartcap for the concentrate

    Every system we sell ALSO ships with the following UPGRADES

    • One Internet Gateway to control your system via your smartphone.
    • One 128oz reusable double-dose refill bottle so you can put TWO standard bottles in your system and refill half as often. It also makes it convenient to buy concentrate by the gallon which saves you money.
    • One brass hose splitter so you don't need to give up your hose connection.
    • FREE shipping
    • FREE How-To DIY DVD
    • FREE online tech self-help & videos




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