iMist2 MistAway Gateway

iMist2 Gateway

Add Internet connectivity with this gateway to a new MistAway system. Monitor and control it with the use of your smartphone or desktop. Learn more here.


  1. The MistAway System must be iMist2 compatible (all new Gen 3 systems meet this requirement, SEE COMPATIBILITY BELOW)
  2.  The annual subscription from the time you buy the Gateway until December 31 of this year is included.  Annual subscriptions come due each January.  (current pricing here)
  3. The Gateway requires an open port on the customer's Internet router or switch for a connection (cable included) to communicate with the Internet NOTE: it communicates via its own wireless network wirelessly between it and the misting system(s) in your yard.  
  • NEW Gen III+ systems shipped after June 26, 2017 are compatible
  • New standard Gen 1.3 systems ARE NOT iMist2 ready and must have LEAK PROTECTION option installed.
    Add Gen 1.3 Leak Protection option to your new misting system purchase and we'll upgrade you to the Gen 1.3 iMist2 Ready System, then of course, add this Gateway.
  • Older Gen 1.3 systems ARE NOT iMist2 ready, they require more internals found in the retrofit kit as well as a controller flash by MistAway to update the controller firmware. Buy Leak Protection AND the iMist2 RETROFIT kit and call us to have you system controller updated.
  • iMist2 Retrofit Kit includes the Gateway and the misting system components to update older Gen III+ or Gen 1.3 systems. The system's controller will also need to be sent to the factory for a firmware update. 


Gateways complete the Internet connection for your misting system.  With it systems are controlled and/or monitored with a smartphone or desktop over the Internet.

Remember! You must have an available port on your router/switch/hub to plug in a Gateway.

Not as complicated as trying to write this all out:

  1. Connect the Gateway to an open port on your router (cable and power cord included).
  2. Call us to connect the Gateway with the service.
  3. We will initialize and start the Service for your MistAway system as you push a button and VOILA!

The Service is what makes connectivity possible. When your app displays your system's information, the backend Service is doing the hard work and presenting the data to your phone or desktop.   


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