Authorized MistAway DealerGreenville Mosquito, Inc. began business in 2010 as an authorized MistAway Systems dealer.  MistAway products are the only products we sell because they are over-engineered and thus dependable. They are feature rich with usable features, and most of all... tremendously effective at mosquito control.  

We continue today to offer only MistAway products.  The only thing that has changed is our volume.  As the word spreads, we get to help more and more people reclaim their yard and enjoy their BBQ, swimming pool, patio, deck, gardening or whatever.  

We are located in Greenville County South Carolina.  As one of MistAway's largest dealers we ship nationwide including: South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Florida... etc.

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