Riser Kits for MistAway Mosquito System


These MistAway DIY Riser kits are designed for the installation of a new misting system in areas nozzles won't due.  The kits include not only Risers, but Tubing and Tubing  Hooks, as well as the Tools you'll want to have on hand as you install your system.

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A MistAway DIY Riser Installation Kit is used when your installation is going into flower or mulch beds.  Each Riser includes a stake, the fittings needed, a copper riser tube (15" or 30" are available) and of course a nozzle.

For system installations, these RISER kits come in 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 unit packs along with what you’ll need to install them.  Separately 5-Pack Riser add-on kits are also available.

Each kit also includes
(#risers x 10) feet of tubing plus an extra 50 feet 
(#risers x 2) tubing hooks plus a few extra
tubing cutter 
tubing release tool (releases tubing from fittings)

All connections are push-to-connect, no glueing, no threading and no clamping.

MistAway DIY Riser Installation Kits are the easiest and fastest way to install a nozzle circuit, just assemble the risers, stick them into the ground and connect the tubing!

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