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  • Be ready when they attack. We have all types of customers  installing these systems themselves from single parents to seniors and everywhere in-between. We are shipping these systems everywhere from Hawaii to the Bahamas, from Minnesota to Mexico and they are all doing it themselves. Some families use installation day as a bonding/teaching opportunity with the kids. It'll be the LAST day you'll need to apply bug creams, sprays and swat mosquitoes. You'll be saying goodbye to fleas and ticks too.
  • With all push-to-connect connections and our Dynaclamps (they have the screw already started) tubing clamps it couldn't get any easier.  Having online and DVD instructions make it a breeze. No need to be an engineer or a home builder. People from all walks of life buy and install these systems to get relief for themselves and their family.
  • Worried about how to set up the machine's controller? Don't.  Not only is it easy and logical, we include a video on our DVD demonstrating what to do, step by step.  It's a non-issue.
  • In our kits we include items needed for a typical install, including a tubing cutter, Dynaclamps, and a release tool to remove tubing from the push-on fittings. Risers include the parts needed to put nozzles in mulch/flowerbed areas as needed. Many installations use only Risers exclusively.
  • Parts are push-to-connect except tubing clamps. Clamps attach using pre-set screws; quick & easy, especially with a cordless drill (not included.)
  • As mentioned above, we include a free How-To DVD with your system order that goes over various routines such as connecting and disconnecting tubing, refills etc..
  • We also include links to the factory free online tech self-help, & videos and a downloadable manual so you can have a manual on an electronic device.

Determine the area you want to protect

Measure the perimeter of your area and divide by 10, that is your nozzle count. Nozzles are placed around the perimeter of your space set about 10 feet apart, but anywhere between 8 and 12 feet is fine. Exact placement is most often determined by mounting or placement opportunities. For more information see "The Nozzles."

Buy a System -- We Ship Free and Fast

Place the system* within 10 feet of a GFI protected electrical outlet and within 25 feet of a hose connection.  Run the tubing to the system, cut to shorten if desired. Push it in real good, making sure it goes in all the way.

Insert the smaller tubing into the system’s "out" port and run it to your first nozzle location. Cut the tubing to length and push on a Tee. Use an included tubing clamp to secure as needed. Continue tubing to the second nozzle location putting on a Tee and secure. Continue this way for each nozzle location.

Watch the DVD for easy step by step instructions to setup the controller. You'll set the date and time, tell the system how many nozzles you've installed and set up mist times. No problem, we send you suggested mist times and durations dealers across the USA have found to work best.  It is up to you if you want to do the same or tweak them to your liking.

After all nozzle locations are finished, prior to push-inserting each of the nozzles, turn on the system to let some fresh water water run through the newly installed tubing circuit. If any dirt got into the tubing during the install, it will now flush out the open Tee ports. Once flushed, go ahead and push in a nozzle into each of the tees. The system will build pressure and begin to mist water. 

Once all is as you wish, and you've played around a bit with the system running water only, it's time to charge the system with concentrate.  Snap in the bottle and tell the controller it's full. It's easy, see how to interact with the system controller on the DVD or refer to the system manual.

Now it's time to ENJOY your yard for years to come WITHOUT MOSQUITOES, fleas, and ticks. Plus you'll enjoy this more consistent comfort at a fraction of the cost of traditional old-school backpack spraying!

See more information at our other website.

NOTE: If installing Risers, the method is the same as nozzles except instead of fastening nozzles to a fence or structure, you’ll be sticking Risers into the ground.

*The system unit comes with 25 feet of 3/8” tubing to connect the system to your garden hose outlet. We also include a brass "Y" so you won’t have to give up that hose outlet.

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The Nozzles

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