The Automation

MistAway mosquito misting systems are fully automated. They work on a set schedule or on demand using the hand-held remote (included) or by the smartphone app (optional.)  After set up, there is no need for intervention until the next refill (months later.) Set it up and forget about mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks! 

Refill frequency depends on the nozzle count, but typical is an initial fill in the spring another around mid-summer. Approved concentrates are readily available on the Internet or through us, Greenville Mosquito Inc.

Back Pack Fogging Effectiveness FadesNo fading in effectiveness and no gaps in protection as with back-pack spraying. NPropane remedies only moderately successful and expensiveo high cost proprietary consumables as with mosquito magnet or parts as with other methods or devices. Additionally, our system's effectiveness is far superior to any other mosquito control method.

The controller is easy to setup and use.  It doesn't loose settings during power outages or over the winter as with competing systems and the MistAway system automatically picks up again on schedule if power is interrupted. There are no batteries to replace either. 

Instead of having an automated daily schedule, some customers prefer to only use the system "as-needed" triggering a misting at their command with the remote control (included.)  Not a problem, as the system accommodates this method of protection using the "remote-only" operating mode, any pre-programmed schedule is still stored, just not active. Keep in mind the remote can be used in any operating mode except off.

See more at Automatic Mosquito Control.

The Savings

The Effectiveness

The Nozzles

The Installation

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