Mosquito Misting

  Superior in Every Way  

Greenville Mosquito sells the most effective and consistent mosquito control system available.

You and your family should be able to have fun, create memories, do projects, learn or do whatever you wish as you enjoy outdoor activities in your yard. How quickly all that opportunity is spoiled when mosquitoes and other nuisance insects are there buzzing, bitting, sucking blood, and spoiling the party, forcing you and your loved ones indoors.

Automatic all season operation, superior capabilities and low maintenance make a MistAway tankless "Gen III+" system the first choice in mosquito control. The Gen III+ is extremely effective and user friendly. Occasional replenishments are required, typically once or twice annually for most installations, and they are done in a SNAP!  (see videos below) 

  • IMMEDIATE effectiveness
  • CONSISTENT day after day all season long
  • Protection NOT LOST after foul weather
  • KILLS mosquitoes, ticks, flees, flies, spiders and no–see–ums
  • SILENT operation
  • LOW maintenance
  • LEAST EXPENSIVE all summer protection

Controlling mosquitoes is fast becoming a health issue too. Capable of transmitting heath problems to both pets or humans with just one bite, these biting bugs can wreak havoc on your your family and pets. Minimizing the threats carried by mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas is strongly recommended. The mosquito is not just an annoyance anymore.

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Mosquito Information

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Why choose Greenville Mosquito?

  1. Your mosquito problem will be gone;
  2. We provide customized solutions that meet individual customer needs;
  3. We are a factory authorized a MistAway Systems dealer and factory trained;
  4. We are in the top 25% of MistAway dealers nationwide;
  5. Our customer service is beyond good, it is the best!

Mosquito Control Like Nothing Before

It is time to take control.   Mosquito misting works. It works better than any other method and does it automatically, silently, dependably and WITHOUT noisy intrusive visits from strangers every three weeks. Do it yourself (DIY) or get assistance from the professionals at Greenville Mosquito, Inc.  It's time to eliminate the problem.

Taking action that reduces concerns of diseases or infections is normal. Greenville Mosquito, Inc. of Greenville provides you with various options -- you decide. Our comprehensive full service or DIY kits are both far superior to barrier spraying and will do a superb job controlling the mosquito population on your property.

What about cost? If doing the once or twice per season refills yourself, (see REFILLS IN A SNAP video above) the cost* is only a fraction of barrier treatments. Full service customers should expect to pay something more.

Contact Greenville Mosquito, Inc. of Greenville today to learn more about our safe and effective mosquito control options. Call us today for a free quote (864) 313-4500.

This revolutionary mosquito control system is being sold by the truckload in other areas of the country to eradicate mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, no-see-ums and a whole host of other nuisance insects. Mosquito misting systems automatically trigger a short botanical mist a couple times daily. UNLIKE traditional barrier spraying treatments (fogging/spraying etc.) you get consistent and dependable relief from these blood suckers. No residue either.  It doesn't fade with foul weather and uses a water based botanical insecticide. Best of all, no more noisy applicators coating everything with that petroleum residue.

The system is called a MistAway mosquito misting system, manufactured by MistAway Systems, Inc.

Our mosquito control system is so effective and automatic you'll forget it's bug bite season! Let Greenville Mosquito rid your mosquito problem for good!

If mosquitoes, fleas, ticks or other biting insects are keeping you from enjoying your property, then it is time to take action. We can do everything for you or you can DIY! (do it yourself)

Exterminating Mosquitoes in Greenville / Spartanburg / Anderson SC
The Upstate's Leading Mosquito Control Solution

After working so long to create a safe and pleasurable environment for your family, you deserve to engage in daily activities of your liking. It doesn't matter if it is gardening, landscaping, playing with your pets or just having fun with your family in the pool or on the patio, you shouldn't have your good times spoiled by pesky insects and their painful bites.

What Customers Say:

“With our mosquito system we no longer have to move into the house when the sun gets low. It really is a blessing when we have friends over for patio cookouts”
Garry P.

“We like it because the children can have fun outside without getting bug bites.”
Kerry L.

Our mosquito control will exterminate your mosquitoes and allow you to enjoy your backyard without concern of mosquito bites. It is so simple — after we install one of our mosquito control systems YOUR MOSQUITO PROBLEM IS GONE!

The system also kills gnats, no-see-ums, fleas, ticks and dozens of other nuisance insects too!

Better Than Fogging! (Some Call it Barrier Spraying or Barrier Treatment)

FIRST:     WITH A GREENVILLE MOSQUITO SYSTEM, UNEXPECTED SURPRISE MOSQUITOES ARE GONE WITH A PRESS OF A BUTTON!  With barrier spraying treatments (fogging or some call it spraying) when you have an unexpected mosquito problem, good luck. You'll need to look up the vender's phone number and schedule an appointment and wait your turn — which could be days if after stormy weather and everyone wants service at the same time (or if it is the weekend.) They will bring out noisy extermination equipment and re–treat your property with another dose of oil based residue. You'll most likely have to shell out more money for the extra visit too. If it is a tough summer with a lot of weather, keep that phone number handy!

NEXT:     OUR MOSQUITO CONTROL SYSTEM IS JUST AS TOTALLY EFFECTIVE ON EVERY DAY OF THE MOSQUITO SEASON FROM THE BEGINNING TO ITS END AND DOES NOT FADE IN EFFECTIVENESS.  Unlike barrier spraying treatment that can fade in effectiveness with the weather, our system doesn't care about weather. It keeps exterminating mosquitoes day after day, week after week — no fade.

THIRD:      NO INTRUSIVE VISITS every two or three weeks with a lot of noisy extermination equipment. Your misting system will run silently for about 30 seconds two or three times daily near dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Plus every time you send us a new customer you get a FREE 64oz REFILL! Depending on the size of the area your system covers, that is enough for half the summer or even all summer long on some installations!

FOURTH:    OUR MISTING SYSTEM TARGETS MOSQUITOES — NOT BUTTERFLIES AND BEES!  Unfortunately barrier spraying treatments are dependent on the fog leaving a petroleum based residue on everything it protects, and it does not discriminate, killing every bee, butterfly along with mosquitoes that come in contact with it until the residue fades away and its time for another treatment. Our mosquito control system is water based, works quickly, then it breaks down rapidly with sun or rain and does not rely on maintaining a persistent residue. While our mosquito control solution may occasionally kill collateral insects, it is minimal. Our system is killing the mosquito population when mosquitoes are active and butterflies and bees are not.

FINALLY:     OUR SYSTEM'S EFFICACY IS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!   It simply works. No more wondering if your mosquito protection is working today.

IN SUMMARY, the MistAway Mosquito Control System installed by Greenville Mosquito:

  1. Automatic operation, yet push button convenience to rid any mosquito surprise!
  2. Our system's effectiveness does NOT fade day after day like fogging!
  3. Our system works WITHOUT visiting you every 2-3 weeks!
  4. Our system is water based and breaks down rapidly!

No More Goo or Body Sprays See Photos

Mosquito control no longer includes spraying your children with messy mosquito control repellents that get everywhere (including eyes.) Instead, control mosquitoes without goo, ointments or body sprays. And definitely no more propane guzzling, CO2 creating, mosquito magnets!  Instead, enjoy the most effective mosquito control available anywhere.  Call Greenville Mosquito!

No More Fogging
(no more pay and pay either)

The old method of fogging which blanketed your property with an oil base chemical fog, was at one time the best way to fight mosquitoes.   Not anymore.   Your backyard had to be fogged over and over and over.   If it rained hard: call, schedule, fog and pay.  If you wanted to entertain: call, schedule, fog and pay (just to be sure).   Every two or three weeks: pay and pay — you get the idea.

How The System Operates

Misting nozzles are discretely placed every 8-14 feet around the perimeter of the area to be protected. The fully automatic mosquito control system manufactured by MistAway Systems automatically dispenses a short mist of botanical insecticide through the nozzles usually two or three times daily. Misting is timed to occur when mosquitoes are active and beneficial insects like butterflies and bees are not. PLUS every system comes with a remote control giving you total control. The remote allows you to skip the next mist if you so desire — or spray an extra mist on your command. Mosquito control has never been this effective, easy or automated. It lets you take control and enjoy the outdoors.

The biodegradable insecticide (pyrethrin) is derived from the chrysanthemum flower, doesn't leave a residue, and breaks down with sunlight or rain. It has an immediate knock down effect for mosquitoes, and also kills no–see–ums, gnatts, and many other annoying insects on contact.   See label for a complete list.

Everything Done For You

Mosquito control as easy as it gets!  All Greenville Mosquito's control systems are fully automatic. What little there is to do, we do for you, so you don't have to!    If you are in the Greenville SC area (Western Carolinas) just give us the OK and we'll quickly install your mosquito control system for you. Get mosquito relief by the weekend!

Rid yourself of those awful blood suckers the fast and easy way!

Getting rid of mosquitoes on your property is as easy as contacting us,
we do the rest — or we have kits if you prefer to do-it-yourself!

Or You can Do-It-Yourself

Mosquito control in Do-it-Yourself kits are available! If you'd rather do it yourself or don't live in our area, — we can help. Greenville Mosquito can assist you in determining what is needed for your installation, provide instruction and ship everything you need for your backyard to become a mosquito free zone. Why not enjoy the most effective mosquito control available! Contact us NOW!

What About West Nile Virus   and other diseases?

Now that the CDC has said WEST NILE VIRUS is here to stay, mosquito control is taking on a more critical role and it is becoming more than a comfort issue. With our optional “iMist” system monitoring Greenville Mosquito knows if your system runs low on fluid or if the controller detected some other problem BEFORE the mosquitoes start biting and BEFORE you even suspect something is amiss! Greenville Mosquito is able to remedy the issue quickly and keep those blood suckers under control!

Over 40 species of mosquito can carry the West Nile virus. Mosquito transmitted diseases end up in the mosquito's salivary glands and when the mosquito bites, it transmits the virus. The CDC says West Nile Virus has taken root here in the USA and is here to stay. Mosquito transmitted diseases are happening in the United States, but luckily not too often. Reducing your local mosquito population is a step in the right direction to lower the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes. Total elimination of all mosquitoes and their risks is impossible, but using the best tools available to seriously lower their population is a smart way to lower the risk of mosquito bites.

Egg, Larvae, Pupa, Adult

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Eggs become larva quickly as you will see in the video. The larva and pupa stages live entirely in water. When mosquito pupa change into adult they leave the water and seek out food. The mosquito life cycle varies depending on species, and can vary from one to several weeks.

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by Greenville Mosquito Inc., the Mosquito Control Experts!

Mosquito control has never been this effective. Thanks to MistAway Mosquito Control, and Greenville Mosquito Inc. Greenville SC and surrounding counties now have their own factory authorized dealer for the MistAway Mosquito Control System. Not another me–too product that doesn't do anything, the MistAway control system really works! Our mosquito control misting system is a permanent install into your backyard and doesn't require bi or tri–weekly visits from strangers. Yet not too permanent, you can still take it with you when you move! The MistAway mosquito control system works somewhat similar to an irrigation system except it only comes on for 30 seconds two or three times per day. And unlike irrigation, our nozzles are not buried. Unlike other solutions that spray chemicals that hang around your yard for weeks, then need to be re applied, our system uses insecticides that work quickly then break down in the environment rapidly within hours. Greenville SC and surrounding counties finally have an ultra effective mosquito control weapon available to control mosquitoes in Greenville SC and surrounding areas.

Our competition sprays or fogs a backyard with insecticide that hangs around for weeks and every insect, even the beneficial ones like butterflies and bees are killed by the persistent chemicals. We have a better way of controlling mosquitoes and biting insects. By using an insecticide that gets the job done fast then breaks down rapidly and by applying it near dawn and dusk to control mosquitoes and other biting insects, more beneficial insects like butterflies and bees are substantially less likely to be killed because they are less active at that time of day. In this way there is substantially less collateral damage. With our pyrethrin insecticides there is no lingering residue.

Mosquitoes are immediately knocked down upon contact of the EPA registered pyrethrin insecticide. Pyrethrin based insecticides have been used for decades in pet shampoos to control fleas and ticks, on tomatoes on the way to market to protect against many insects and in human head lice shampoos. Mosquito control misting systems used to dispense the insecticide have been used for years in the stalls of multi–million dollar thoroughbred horses to control flies and mosquitoes. They are also used on dairy farms to protect expensive animals from dangerous and pesky mosquitoes.

Every installation is different. Greenville Mosquito offers a free yard evaluation for Greenville SC and surrounding county residents to help them take back control of their backyard. Mosquito breeding areas will be pointed out, mosquito resting and hiding areas will be discussed and a mosquito control system install by Greenville Mosquito will be explained.

Sometimes Greenville area neighbors get together and all install a MistAway mosquito control system together to rid their neighborhood of mosquitoes. The more neighbors that participate the better the pricing. Multiple mosquito control system pricing can be quite attractive. Homeowner associations are encouraged to contact us for group mosquito control pricing because pricing becomes more aggressive with each additional homeowner participating. Sometimes it is the Homeowner Association that becomes our mosquito control customer and the cost is spread across all homes in the association.

Mosquito control by Greenville Mosquito — Service area.Including the towns of:
Abbeville SC, mosquito Control customers in Anderson SC, biting mosquito found Belton SC, Campobello SC, Cayce SC, Central SC, Chapin SC, Chester SC, mosquito control is available for Clemson SC, Clinton SC, Clover SC, Columbia SC, Cowpens SC, Easley SC, Forest Acres SC, Fountain Inn SC, Gaffney SC, Greenville SC mosquito control home, Greenwood SC, control mosquito in Greer SC, Honea Path SC, Inman SC, Irmo SC, Iva SC, Landrum SC, Laurens SC loves Greenville Mosquito, Lexington SC, Liberty SC, Little Mountain SC, Lyman SC, Mauldin SC, Newberry SC, Ninety Six SC, Orangeburg SC, Pacolet SC, Peak SC, Pendleton SC, Pomaria SC, Powdersville SC, Prosperity SC, Reidville SC, Rock Hill SC, Saluda SC, control available for Seneca SC, Silverstreet SC, Simpsonville SC, Mosquito Control at Six Mile SC, South Congaree SC Control, Spartanburg SC, Springdale SC, Summerville SC, Travelers Rest SC, Union SC, Ware Shoals SC, control mosquito population in West Columbia SC, Westminster SC, Whitmire SC, Williamston SC, Winnsboro SC, Woodruff SC, York SC

Our secondary service area is the remaining parts of South Carolina.

Not only do we provide the most effective mosquito control, we are a locally owned and operated family business who answer directly to our customers giving you the best in service and satisfaction. If there is ever a special request or other issue you contact us, not some multi–national conglomerate with a phone center in a foreign land. When you call us, we answer the phone ourselves and we take care of your request. Friendly mosquito control that works, right here in Greenville SC and surrounding counties!

29620 29621 Anderson, SC 29622 Anderson, SC 29623 Anderson, SC 29624 Anderson, SC 29625 Anderson, SC 29626 Anderson, SC 29627 29617 Berea, SC 29628 Calhoun Falls, SC 29630 Central, SC 29631 Clemson, SC 29632 Clemson, SC 29633 Clemson, SC 29634 Clemson, SC 29635 Cleveland, SC 29636 29638 29639 Due West, SC 29640 Easley, SC 29641 Easley, SC 29642 Easley, SC 29643 Fair Play, SC 29644 Fountain Inn, SC 29645 Gray Court, SC 29601 Greenville, SC 29605 Greenville, SC 29607 Greenville, SC 29608 Greenville, SC 29609 Greenville, SC 29611 Greenville, SC 29615 Greenville, SC 29646 Greenwood, SC 29647 Greenwood, SC 29648 Greenwood, SC 29649 Greenwood, SC 29650 Greer, SC 29651 Greer, SC 29652 Greer, SC 29653 Hodges, SC 29695 Hodges, SC 29654 29655 Iva, SC 29656 La France, SC 29657 Liberty, SC 29658 Long Creek, SC 29659 29661 Marietta, SC 29662 Mauldin, SC Abbeville, SC Belton, SC Contestee, SC Donalds, SC Honea Path, SC Lowndesville, SC 29664 Mountain Rest, SC 29665 29672 29666 Ninety Six, SC 29667 Norris, SC 29669 Pelzer, SC 29670 29671 Pickens, SC 29673 Piedmont, SC 29675 Richland, SC 29676 Salem, SC 29677 Sandy Springs, SC 29678 29679 29680 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Simpsonville, SC 29682 Six Mile, SC 29683 Slater, SC 29684 Starr, SC 29685 Sunset, SC 29686 29687 Taylors, SC 29688 29689 29690 Travelers Rest, SC 29691 Walhalla, SC 29696 West Union, SC 29693 Westminster, SC 29697 Williamston, SC 29692 Wire Shoals, SC Newry, SC Newry, SC Pendelton, SC Senica, SC Senica, SC Tamassee, SC Tigerville, SC Townville, SC 29320 Arcadia, SC 29316 Boiling Springs, SC 29321 Buffalo, SC 29322 29323 29324 Clifton, SC 29325 Clinton, SC 29307 Converse, SC 29330 29331 Cross Anchor, SC 29332 Cross Hill 29333 Drayton, SC 29334 Duncan, SC 29335 29336 29340 29341 29342 29302 29346 29349 Inman, SC 29355 Joanna, SC 29353 29356 Landrum, SC 29360 Laurens, SC 29365 Lyman, SC 29368 Mayo, SC 29369 Moore, SC 29370 29373 29372 29374 Pauline, SC 29375 29376 Roebuck, SC 29301 Spartanburg, SC 29304 Spartanburg, SC 29305 Spartanburg, SC 29306 Spartanburg, SC 29319 Spartanburg, SC 29377 29303 29378 29379 Union, SC 29385 29386 White Stone, SC 29388 Woodruff, SC Campobello, SC Chesnee Cowpens, SC Enoree, SC Fairforest, SC Gaffney, SC Gaffney, SC Gaffney, SC Glendale, SC Glendale, SC Jonesville, SC Mountville, SC Pacolet Mills, SC Pacolet, SC Reidville, SC Startex, SC Una, SC Una, SC Wellford, SC 29006 29108 29203 29015 29126 29210 29016 29127 29211 29037 29138 29212 29054 29145 29063 29178 29065 29070 29071 29072 29073

We not only service the Greenville mosquito control market, but anywhere in the western Carolinas including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, Laurens, Oconee and Cherokee Counties in South Carolina, as well as western North Carolina.

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