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Greenville Mosquito Services
Mosquitoes don't stand a chance with our MistAway misting systems. This is due to the flexibility designed into these systems. You can alter the attack and kill them before they bite!

System owners can change the number of times misting takes place, two or three times daily is most typical even for the heaviest of infestations. You can change the duration of each misting, 30 to 40 seconds is most common.

You can even choose the days to treat your yard. Most owners run their system all week. However the flexibility is built in so if you like you can just mist on weekends or on other specific days that meet your requirement.

With our tankless model you can even change the dilution rate any time you wish between refills. This allows you to back off the intensity until total effectiveness remains but gives cost savings too.


  • Complete DIY Kits For Mosquito Control
  • Full Service Mosquito Control
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Mosquito Control Systems
  • Entire Season Refill Service
  • Single Visit Refill Service
  • End of Season Winterization Service
What We Provide
We offer peaceful and pleasureful environments for you and your family by offering you the best mosquito control systems available anywhere at any price.   It works.

last updated July 15, 2016