mosquito control
The Picture of Relief!

Don't let bugs spoil the party or force you and your loved ones indoors. Make buzzing, biting, blood sucking mosquitoes a memory of the past. Forget the old days.

You and your family should be able to create memories, have fun, learn, or just simply enjoy the outdoors uninhibited by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Tankless Misting System
The MistAway Gen III+ (Gen 3 Plus)

This is the system that leads the industry by a wide margin. Areas of the country with the worst infestations demand this unit. Patented technology makes mosquito control consistent, easy, fast, automatic and affordable.

The MistAway tankless mosquito misting system connects to your garden-hose connection.

Occasional concentrate refills "snap"" into place. No measuring, no mess, no fuss.

Strategically placed nozzles distribute a fine mist only two or three times daily, automatically.

When the system mists, it's over in seconds. Once or twice a season simply snap out the concentrate bottle and replace with a new one. If you wish, we'll drive over and do it for you.

With our system the old days of running for cover due to ravenous mosquitoes are over. Enjoy the twilight and evening hours with no concerns. Why put up with mosquitoes, fleas and ticks? We offer you a life style unimpeded by biting insects.

  • Every system includes a hand-held remote

  • Adjustable duration of each misting,
    30-40 seconds is most common.

  • Adjustable number of daily mistings.
    Once at dawn and once at dusk is typical.

  • Adjustable days of operation.
    Very handy for weekend or second homes.

  • You can even change the dilution rate any time you wish!   Mosquitoes under control? Increase dilution and SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY!

Automatic, Manual, Or Remote Operation
Operation can be fully automatic everyday (most common.) Other operational modes allow scheduling operation for specific days (only) such as weekend destination properties like the family cottage or fishing/hunting camps. Lastly there is the "remote-only" mode that will only cycle a mist when the (included) remote is pressed. The decision is yours. The system accommodates your lifestyle!
But Will This Work In My Yard?
Find out. We put together a pack of information we give out to qualified homeowners if we do a property evaluation. We physically inspect your property and determine if this system is a good solution for your yard. It's not for everyone, but the system is nothing short of amazing in those yards which it is used. We will come out and determine if your yard is a candidate.

Buy your automatic mosquito misting machine today!

last updated July 15, 2016