Automated Mosquito Control

Enjoy the outdoors without mosquitoes attacking you day and night. Skip the bites and pain.

Welts? Not anymore.

Insufferable itching? No longer deal with such nonsense.

No more running for sanctuary.    

Send the children outside without fear.

You and your family should be able to have fun, create memories, do projects, learn or do whatever you wish as you enjoy outdoor activities in your yard.
Forget the old days. Put an end to it. Don't worry about heavy rains and the bugs they bring. Don't worry if the backdoor is open a moment too long. Don't worry about mosquitoes spoiling that yard party or a quiet romantic evening on the patio.

Automatic Mosquito Control There is no longer a reason to put up with mosquitoes, fleas and ticks! The most effective long term solution is automatic mosquito misting.

  • IMMEDIATE effectiveness
  • AUTOMATIC operation
  • CONSISTENT every day, all season long
  • NOT AFFECTED by foul weather
  • WATER BASED botanical insecticide
  • KILLS mosquitoes, ticks, flees, flies, spiders and no–see–ums
  • SILENT operation
  • EASY to use
  • LEAST EXPENSIVE all summer protection.
  • LOW and EASY maintenance
  • CONCENTRATE available from various Internet sources

Will Automatic Mosquito Misting Work In My Yard?
It is not for every situation, but where installed people no longer worry about mosquitoes fleas and ticks. We have put together an information packet for those who schedule a demo. Check it out, see if an automatic mosquito misting system will work in your yard. Our system kills blood sucking, welt causing, no-good mosquitoes. Maybe it can do the same for you and your family as it has for tens of thousands of others.
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last updated July 15, 2016