The Best Mosquito Control
Greenville is the home of the most cost effective, most effective mosquito control solution available anywhere at any price. With the exception of a rouge mosquito once and a while, your mosquitoes will be gone. The first year our owner installed his system he and his wife saw one mosquito all summer and that is it!
Our system kills mosquitoes dead where they live, in your yard. Effective from day one, you will wish you bought this system long time ago.

Greenville Mosquito, Inc. is located in Greenville County, Greenville, SC. First opening for business in 2010 exclusively as a full service company, we soon realized this system is so easy to install and is so low maintenance it was the perfect DIY (do-it-yourself) product. We began selling to the DIY mosquito control market and refining our easy-to-follow instructions and videos. DIY purchases are now about 89% of our total sales, far outnumbering full-service customers!

last updated July 15, 2016